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The Singapore Counselling Centre (SCC) is the professional counselling arm of the Academy of Certified Counsellors. SCC provides counselling, psychotherapy and psychological services for those experiencing personal, relationship, and work related difficulties. Practitioners at SCC are experienced and qualified professionals, and all consultations are held in the strictest confidence.

Convenient Location
SCC is located at 51 Cuppage Road, #03-03, just behind The Centrepoint along Orchard Road.

English and Mandarin Counselling
SCC offers counselling sessions in either English or Mandarin.

Weekday Evening and Weekend Slots
Counselling sessions are available on weekday evenings and weekends as well.

Is this your first time seeing a counsellor? Feeling nervous?

Not to worry 🙂 Here at the Singapore Counselling Centre, we warmly welcome you! We understand that you may be feeling nervous and apprehensive about seeing a counsellor for the first time. We are happy to see that you’re actively taking the first step to reach out to talk to a counsellor about what you’re going through. Our professional counsellors provide a safe and non-judgemental space for you to talk about what you are feeling and develop ways to improve your well-being. We have had clients who were also nervous about their first time seeing a counsellor and have shared their experiences with us.

Dealing with something unknown is not easy – feeling afraid, alone and guilty is normal. However, having someone in your corner to fight this battle is invaluable, and you will eventually emerge stronger, lighter and victorious. – Client M, 2018

Counselling Services

Relationship and Marital Counselling

Children and Youth Counselling

Anger Management



Gaming Addiction

Public Talks and Workshops

Keen to have a mental wellness talk conducted at your school or company? The Singapore Counselling Centre (SCC) has experience in conducting talks for corporate clients and in schools during assembly time. Some of the topics include but are not limited to: stress management, anger management, cyber bullying and more.

SCC also co-organises short workshops for interested participants to join. Some of the upcoming workshops that we have include:

Art Therapy
Upcoming Date: 11 August 2018 (TBC)

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Music Therapy
Upcoming Date: August 2018 (TBC)

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Teens Counselling
Upcoming Date: 25 August 2018

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News Features and Commentary

SCC CNA Interview Workplace Harassment

Dr John, President of the Singapore Counselling Centre, was invited to Channel News Asia to share with us on the issue of workplace harassment.The Singapore Counselling Centre used to see an average of 2 to 4 workplace harassment cases but in recent years, it has gone up steadily and we are seeing now an average of between 5 to 9 cases a month.What is workplace harassment and how prevalent is it today? Find out more here.

Dr. John, President of the Singapore Counselling Centre, was  invited to Channel News Asia to share with us on the issue of gambling. Gambling has become an alarming matter that needs our critical attention. Pathological or social gamblers might not be aware that their gambling behaviours are out of control and can disrupt their normal daily life functioning. If one’s behaviour is not treated appropriately, it might bring traumatic consequences to the person as well as to the family. Let us hear from Dr. John on the issue of gambling.

Dr. John was invited to Channel News Asia to share with us on the issue of anger. Anger is the normal emotional reaction to the perceived unpleasant issue. Nonetheless, if the anger is beyond a person’s control that could lead to intermittent explosive disorder (IED). A person with IED may involve in some forms of life-threatening behaviours such as hurting others, and breaking or damaging objects. Keeping a journal is an effective reflective technique that allows the person to introspect, monitor and manage the anger.

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