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The Singapore Counselling Centre (SCC) is the professional counselling arm of the Academy of Certified Counsellors and a Counselling Service Member of the International Association for Counselling.

SCC provides counselling, psychotherapy and psychological services for those experiencing personal, relationship, and work related difficulties. Practitioners at SCC are experienced and qualified professionals, and all consultations are held in the strictest confidence.

Counselling Services

Highly professional and experienced counsellors

Available in English, Mandarin, Malay, Tamil, Cantonese and Hokkien languages

7 days a week

Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)

Looking to provide counselling sessions and mental wellness talks for your staff? Find out more about the Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) that SCC is able to provide.

Is this your first time seeing a counsellor? Feeling nervous?

Not to worry 🙂 Here at the Singapore Counselling Centre, we warmly welcome you!

We understand that you may be feeling nervous and apprehensive about seeing a counsellor for the first time. We are happy to see that you’re actively taking the first step to reach out to talk to a counsellor about what you’re going through.

Our professional counsellors provide a safe and non-judgemental space for you to talk about what you are feeling and develop ways to improve your well-being. We have had clients who were also nervous about their first time seeing a counsellor and have shared their experiences with us.

Dealing with something unknown is not easy – feeling afraid, alone and guilty is normal. However, having someone in your corner to fight this battle is invaluable, and you will eventually emerge stronger, lighter and victorious.

Client M, 2018

Getting help is never easy. Admitting that you need help is just as difficult a process. However, I urge anyone who feels like they need to find a bit of light in their lives to take that step to get help.

Client A, 2018

Compared to the person who first stepped into the centre, I am now a happier and more thankful person. My self-esteem has improved so much. I am truly glad to have made the decision to finally face my fear.

Client C, 2018

I take comfort knowing that I am better equipped to handle myself as a person, though I also know that this is only the start of the journey.

Client A, 2018

Past Events

[Feature] SCC on Channel NewsAsia Talking Point - Inside Road Rage

The Singapore Counselling Centre is proud to have been part of Channel NewsAsia's episode of Talking Point that explores road rage.

[Event] SCC at WSG's Community of Practice (COP) - Self-Care and Preventing Burnout

The Singapore Counselling Centre is proud to have been part of Workforce Singapore (WSG)'s Community of Practice (COP) in October 2018. This COP, titled Getting Ready for the Future of Work: Building Wellness into 21st Century Workforce put the focus on the mental wellness of our career practitioners, career coaches and guidance counsellors.

[Event] Grief Management Talk

The Singapore Counselling Centre was engaged to conduct a talk for a group of paracounsellors on the topic of grief management.

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