For some of us, going to a counsellor for the first time can be a nerve – wrecking experience.

However, it’s extremely important to take this important step forward and seek professional help if you’ve been experiencing troubling thoughts and emotions.

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Confirmed your appointment slot? What’s next?

So you’ve confirmed your appointment for your first counselling session. Good for you!

Maybe you’re feeling a little anxious about your first counselling session. That’s perfectly normal. After all, you’ll be sharing some personal issues that you may not be comfortable talking about. However, our SCC counsellors are non – judgemental and fully qualified. They will be able to take you through the process to mitigate those issues, for you to be functional and celebrate life!

Preparing for your first counselling session

Preparing for your first session with these 3 tips may help calm those pre – session jitters!

1. Get in touch with your feelings and emotions

writing down your thoughts and feelings before counselling

Write down your reasons for wanting counselling. What is it that you are struggling with? What changes do you want to see in your future? Also ask yourself why you are thinking certain thoughts or feeling a particular way.

Are you feeling angry, sad, lonely or anxious? Are there people in your life affecting the way you are feeling?

2. Be prepared to open up 

Be prepared to open up during counselling

Your counsellor can help you the most when you are honest about your thoughts or feelings. Don’t worry, the counsellor’s office is the one place you don’t have to worry about being abnormal! Our counsellors deal with all sorts of issues with their clients, and take a non – judgemental approach to counselling.

Also, everything is strictly confidential – unless you are thinking of harming yourself or someone else.

Practice voicing out thoughts and feelings you would normally stop yourself from speaking aloud. This will help you express yourself more effectively during your session.

3. Come with an open mind

It is important to come for counselling with an open mind. Having a positive attitude will make you more receptive to the problem solving processes suggested by your counsellor. This will make your session more effective.

Struggling with certain issues in your life? Feeling concerned about a loved one and want to talk to a counsellor about this?

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