Corporate Grief Counselling

Corporate Grief Counselling Sessions by Singapore Counselling Centre (SCC)

When someone passes on, especially if sudden and unexpected, it comes as a shock to those around him or her and the emotions can be overwhelming.

Some of the feelings that we may feel are shock, anger, guilt and fright. Individuals process and experience grief differently. If a colleague in your organisation has suddenly passed on, his or her colleagues may have difficulty coping with the loss.

“I just spoke to him yesterday.”
“How can this be? We are supposed to go for the company team-building next week, and now he’s gone?”
“I still expect him to walk into office and greet everyone chirpily as he always does.”

These may be some of the statements that your colleagues will make.

Your organisation can make arrangements to provide support for your staff during this difficult time. The Singapore Counselling Centre can make corporate grief counselling sessions where our counsellor will be at your premises for either half day or full day to provide individual or grief counselling sessions.

How does a grief counsellor help?

A grief counsellor can help a person to go through the process of grieving, such as coming to terms with the loss, adjusting to life without the deceased and finding a way to remember the deceased while continuing with life, said Ms Lee. – The Straits Times

Group counselling sessions will provide peer support and encourage the staff to open up to one another as they know that they are not alone.

Our team of experienced counsellors are here for you.

Contact us via email or click here to Whatsapp us at +65 6339 5411 and we will be in touch with you shortly. Please also furnish the following information:

  • Date and circumstances of the loss
  • Whether the employees have been informed
  • Number of employees affected (this will enable us to suggest the number of counsellors on standby)
  • Date and timing (whether half-day or full-day) that you are seeking to arrange for the sessions

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