People Pleasing: Knowing Your Limits

Do you find it hard to say “no”? We may unconsciously fall into people-pleasing behaviours despite our good intentions. However, how are we able to tell the difference between an act done out of kindness and an act that is done solely to please others?

Implications of "Quiet Quitting"

The term “quiet quitting” was first popularised on TikTok in July 2022. Subsequently, it received a mix of responses from both employees and employers. But what exactly is quiet quitting? Is this act ideal in countering the dangers of hustle culture?

How to Be an Effective Support

Apart from professional help, research has shown that people are generally more likely to turn to their loved ones and friends as the first line of support. As such, YOU play an important role in the facilitation of wellbeing for the people you love and care for!

[Testimonial] Overcoming Family Violence and Restoring a Marriage

It was started couples of months ago, when my son’s tempers began to get worse and intolerable to his wife and 2 young daughters. Both his wife and 2 daughters were living in fear whenever his temper occurred at home.  Very fortunately, I was able to contact your Counselling Center on time, otherwise, it can become a police case issue and a worst nightmare to the family.