[Testimonial] Overcoming Negative Thoughts

I would say that the sessions with him have changed the way that I approached relationship, and even he helped me get rid of the negative thoughts which were pulling me back all the time.

[Event] Premarital Counselling at SCC

The Singapore Counselling Centre conducted another run of its premarital counselling programme for 5 couples yesterday evening. We create a safe and structured space for the couple to talk about key issues such as life goals, finances, personality traits and more.

Worry or Anxiety?

Worry and anxiety is part and parcel of life. It is in managing worries and anxieties that will set one person apart from another. Two persons facing similar challenging situations can have different responses or different levels of worry.

[Testimonial] Overcoming Anxiety Attacks

I came to SCC while I was going through a difficult time at work. I was struggling with severe anxiety attacks, which resulted in poor appetite, constant hypervigilance and I being unhappy almost all the time.

[Testimonial] Understanding my Anxiety better which helped in my Marriage

Mitigating my anxiety is a long-term plan which will also indirectly help to better manage my emotions in the marriage.

[Testimonial] Working Together in Restoring a Marriage

Rather than tiding it over and leaving things to chance, we decided to seek professional help through marriage counseling.