[Testimonial] Thank you note - Growth

I felt very safe during the sessions and could really open up to him, which really helped in getting to the root causes of and addressing the issues

[Testimonial] Anger Management

Through the 10 weeks spent with him, I learn to be aware, accept and learn techniques to identify and manage my responses to different trigger points. 

[Testimonial] Overcoming Infidelity in Marriage

Being humans, we are never perfect, and we are either too arrogant or ignorant to realise our blind spots. Seeking the help from a marriage counsellor, helped us discover those blind spots and find a way to fix them together as a couple. This episode is probably the most painful and important lesson that me and my husband have learnt in our lives.


The silence around cyberbullying can mean many things. For the victims, they may find themselves unable to step forward to seek help due to fears of being dismissed for complaining about seemingly trivial banter, or they are fearful of exacerbating the bullying.

Thank You Note

I’ve laughed and cried in those sessions with you. I was angry and hurt and ashamed, but most importantly, I’ve healed. Thank you for helping me cope with the pain and also how to see things differently.

Powering Up to Face Upcoming Challenges

I may not be 100% there yet, but I certainly feel more empowered to navigate and face upcoming challenges knowing that I am well supported. Thank you Joseph for navigating life challenges with me at my darkest hour.