[Testimonial] Feeling Comfortable in my own skin

Anxiety is a common feeling amongst many and it is a normal thing to feel anxious, but it is how much it rules your life that will affect the way you think and feel. That is why counselling is here to help people who are in need of managing that anxiety so it does not take over their life.
zoom fatigue stressed woman

Zoom Fatigue - Taking 5 with Work From Home (WFH)

With WFH becoming the norm, more people are suffering from Zoom fatigue. What exactly is Zoom fatigue and how can we manage it?

Suicide: Our Responses Can Make All The Difference

Have there been times when someone mentioned something related to ending their life in passing? How did you respond to that? Many of us may feel at a loss when someone shares with us their thoughts on committing suicide. Know that you can make a difference to them by offering and giving them the right support. What are some of the warning signs to look out for and how can we better support our friends and loved ones who took the courage to turn to us?

[Testimonial] Counselling Experience

I signed up for 3 counselling sessions with SCC as part of my company’s Employee Assistance Programme. Even though I am not currently experiencing major issues or distresses in my professional or personal life, I believe that counselling is a good platform for increasing one’s self-awareness and would highly recommend it for anyone seeking personal development.

[Testimonial] Counselling Experience with Joseph

I've felt comfortable sharing my thoughts with him, and I've improved tremendously since my first session.

Navigating Differences: The value of agreeing to disagree

Does agreeing to disagree mean I’m always compromising? How can we navigate differences peacefully even if we don't agree with the other party? Find out more about why it's hard for us to agree to disagree and the 3 key steps to managing conflicts.