Ageing Anxiety: The Fear of Growing Old

For most of us, when we were younger, we couldn’t wait to grow up. Perhaps we yearned for the freedom that adulthood brings. Ironically, now that most of us have experienced ageing and adulthood, we might wish we could rewind time. In this article, we discuss about the psychology behind reminiscing about the past, reasons why we may be afraid of growing old and how we can minimise this fear.

[Testimonial] Overcoming Depression and Anxiety

I have been meeting with Joseph for over 12 months, and while the regularity of our meetings has steadily decreased, owing to the successful work we have conducted together, his continued assistance and support is a constant source of reassurance, helping me continue to improve my quality of life and keep my mental health in check.

Overpathologising: Finding Disorder in Order

The ever-present stigma and lack of information we may have of certain mental health disorders may cause us to overlook telltale signs. As a result, we may incorrectly label certain behaviours as “abnormal”. This phenomenon is otherwise known as “overpathologising”. Let's explore more about it and learn how we can better discern between ‘normal’ and ‘abnormal’ behaviours.

What is Social Loafing?

Social loafing is a term used in social psychology, describing when a person puts in less effort when they're judged as part of a group. Surprisingly, social loafing is more of a habit than it is a conscious effort to put in less effort. As our world develops, the complexities we face call for frequent collaboration, with the concept of social loafing becoming all the more relevant. What is the psychology behind social loafing and how can we curb it? 

Capitalisation: The Importance of Responding to Good News

Did you know that it is equally, if not more important to respond well to good news, as it is to bad news? This is also known as capitalisation. Read more in our article on how you can use capitalisation to strengthen your relationships!

[Testimonial] My Counselling Experience with Joseph

Joseph not only helped me improve my emotions, but he also helped me to change my perspective on life. I am now able to approach situations in a much more positive and constructive manner, thanks to his guidance.