Financial / Debt Counseling

Finance is one of the main elements in our life. It is safe to say our life is circulated around it. Managing your finances is tricky and some people might find it difficult to manage their financial condition.

Here are several questions you can ask yourself to see where you stand.

  1. Are you struggling to pay basic outgoing (rent, electricity, water, etc.)?
  2. Are you borrowing money to pay your bills?
  3. Is your financial issue affecting your daily activities (work performance, sleep, relationship)?
  4. Are you using your savings to pay your debts?

If you answered ‘yes’ to most of the questions, it might suggest that your financial condition is not as optimum as it can be. One of the ways to find help to optimize your financial performance is to seek of Credit Counseling. There is room for improvement and the Singapore Counselling Centre is here to help you!

Debt is not an unsolvable problem, but you will still have to be aware of your relationship with money. If you feel like your financial condition can be improved, do not wait until you are drowning in debt to ask one of our Credit Counselor to help you maximize your financial condition!

We welcome anyone who needs advice about how to handle money, reduce, eliminate or consolidate debt. Our counselor will also be able to assist you with debt consolidation plan, increasing credit rating and tips in handling credit card debt.

Work with us to optimize your financial condition! Make an online appointment and we will get back to you.

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