Mental Health Framework for Your Organisation

At Singapore Counselling Centre (SCC), we specialize in guiding corporate clients towards a future where mental health is prioritized and flourishing within the workplace. A positive shift in company culture and employee well-being, facilitated and supported by comprehensive policies, can lead to:

Increased Productivity
Enhanced Teamwork
Thriving Workforce

SCC’s Mental Health Framework for Organisations

Our mental health framework is designed to empower companies to create a supportive and thriving workplace environment. Through a carefully constructed pyramid of services, we offer a holistic approach to mental well-being, ensuring that employees have the tools, resources, and support they need to flourish. From teaching psychological first aid skills to establishing a basic escalation process and facilitating peer support sessions, our goal is to equip your organization with the necessary tools and strategies to promote mental health at every level.

Mental Health Framework by Singapore Counselling Centre


Level One – Empower
At this foundational level, our consultancy services focus on equipping employees with essential helping skills. We provide comprehensive training programs that empower individuals to recognise and respond effectively to mental health challenges in themselves and their colleagues. By fostering a supportive and empathetic workplace culture, employees gain the knowledge and tools necessary to provide immediate assistance to those in need, promoting early intervention and reducing the potential for mental health crises.

Level Two – Escalate
Building upon the foundation of helping skills (via our Psychological First Aid course), our services at Level Two introduce a structured and well-defined escalation process. We work closely with your organisation to establish clear guidelines for identifying and referring individuals who may require additional support beyond the scope of immediate assistance. By implementing an efficient escalation process, we enable early identification of mental health concerns and facilitate timely access to professional resources to ensure that employees receive the appropriate help they need while maintaining confidentiality.

Level Three – Enable
At the highest level of our pyramid, we focus on helping your organisation establish and maintain effective peer support systems. We can guide you in developing robust procedures and protocols for conducting peer supporting sessions, ensuring their integrity, and monitoring their effectiveness. Our expertise lies in creating frameworks that promote psychological well-being and resilience among your employees, while simultaneously fostering a sense of community and support. Ultimately, through these frameworks, your organisation can sustain a culture that embraces mental health, creating long-term benefits for both individuals and the organisation as a whole.

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