Mary Baker

☑ Professional Counsellor at the Singapore Counselling Centre

☑ Associate Member with SAC (G0260)

Master of Social Science in Professional Counselling
Swinburne University in Australia

Master of Arts in Education and Development
University of Hull in the United Kingdom

Mary sees counselling as a special calling. She has journeyed with numerous people facing many wide-ranging issues – from weakening, life-threatening to terminal illnesses (such as cancer, heart attack, stroke), pain management and death as well as trauma, depression, stress, anxiety to personal, family and work-related issues, among others. Believing in the innate capacity of every person to grow, Mary has successfully helped many to renew, heal and move on with their lives.

Employing the Rogerian Person-Centred Philosophy, Mary sees Counselling as a Life-Changing Process, where the Counsellor holistically facilitates the Clients’ Personal Journey of Exploration, Self-Awareness and Decision to become free and responsible for choosing their way of life and destiny.  Her Unique Clinical Counselling Approach holistically challenges clients to look at the choices available, accept responsibility for choosing them and redesign their lives.

Using the conceptual propositions of the Person-Centred Philosophy and based on the Specific Need of Clients, Mary weaves in Psychoanalysis, Redecision Therapy, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Solution-Focussed Brief Therapy, Relaxation and Mindfulness with Positive Affirmations in her Clinical Counselling Practice to facilitate Wholeness and Healing.