Professional Memberships

  • SAC-Registered Counsellor (C0059)

Educational Qualifications

  • Master​ of Social​ Sciences​ (Counselling)
  • Bachelor​ of Social​ Sciences​ (Honours)
  • Graduate​ Diploma​ in Clinical​ Supervision ​

Therapeutic Approaches

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
  • Solution-focused Brief Therapy

Rafeah Binte Buang

Professional Counsellor
Languages Spoken: 
English, Malay, Tamil
Type of Counselling: Child/Youth, Individual Adult, Couple, Family
Mode: /

Rafeah has 20 years of working with abused and neglected children, incarcerated youths and adults, couples in at risk relationships and underprivileged families. She has learnt that to provide the space for people to resolve their challenges is like a river that receives and flows together. A nature lover, she is endeared towards working with clients to recapture one’s
essence and thrive.

A wise person once said, “A tree does the work of a tree and the rain does the work of a rain. Each strives in what it does and because of that it flourishes. In nature we learn much.”

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