Premarital Counselling

Thinking of settling down to a happily ever after? This premarital counselling course may just be for you! If you are intending to settle down with your partner and would like to find out how to bridge possible gaps with your spouse-to-be, read on to find out more!

  • No personal sharing involved during group sessions
  • Secular sessions
  • Customized couple sessions
  • Hands-on activities
  • Couple sessions booked at your convenience
  • Both of you are ready for a lifetime commitment
  • Both of you would like to forge a deeper understanding towards each other
  • Both of you are open to exploring and reconciling possible areas of disagreements
  • Both of you are planning to get married, or have recently gotten married

It is important for couples to ask each other key questions regarding various aspects of the marriage. By discussing these topics and coming to a conclusion about how the both of you will handle it together, it lays a stronger foundation for the marriage and assuages potential rifts in the future:

  • When are we starting a family? How many children shall we have?
  • How do I want my partner to support me if my in-laws are putting pressure on me?
  • How much money shall we save before it is considered comfortable enough?
  • Who is in charge of making monetary decisions after our marriage?
  • I have to travel frequently for my job, am I willing to change for my partner because he/ she doesn’t like it?
  • Will I want my partner to continue keeping in contact with his/ her previous partner?
  • Am I willing to be open with my partner in the event that I am attracted to another member of the opposite sex?
  • What happens if I find out that my partner is cheating on me?
  • If my partner and I get into a huge argument, how will I want to resolve it?
  • Do I need some time alone to calm down after getting into an argument with my partner?

If you have yet to ask your partner the above questions, or if you and your partner have discussed the above but yet to see eye to eye, then this premarital programme is highly recommended for you.

The programme consists of 4 sessions, each of which has a duration of 1.5 hours (90 minutes).

First Session

  • Group-setting without any personal sharing required of the couples
  • Introduction to some broad frameworks that will be used during the programme (eg. values and beliefs, types of interactions, etc.)
  • Couples to decide on specific areas of interest that they would like to focus on for the subsequent sessions

Next Three Sessions

  • Personalized couple sessions
  • Hands-on activities
  • Make new discoveries about your partner

premarital counselling programProgramme Start Date

Date (choose one):

  • 9 October (Sun), 1.30pm-3.00pm
  • 13 November (Sun), 1.30pm-3.00pm
  • 11 December (Sun), 1.30pm-3.00pm

Cost: $470.80/couple (after gst)
Venue: Singapore Counselling Centre, 51 Cuppage Road, #03-03, Singapore 229469 (Behind The Centrepoint; Nearest MRT – NS23 Somerset)

*Do note that after the first combined session, couples can then liaise with SCC to fix the subsequent dates for the remaining three sessions with the counsellor at their convenience. Slots are subject to availability. Please indicate your preferred date when you register for the premarital counselling programme.

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