Relationship and Marital Counselling

Are you considering having relationship and marital counselling?

Marriage is not always smooth flowing. After some years of being with together, couples will encounter difficulties. While some are able to work through it on their own, some require professional counselling.

If you experience the following signs, you and your spouse may want to consider relationship and marital counselling to address the issues at hand:

  1. You feel that the fighting never seems to end and the anger keeps on piling up.
  2. You’re feeling more and more insecure with yourself and with your relationship.
  3. You believe that your spouse has a serious mental disorder.
  4. You seem to put everything first except your spouse.
  5. You believe that love is no longer there with your spouse.
  6. You start to complain and gets irritated over small things on your relationship.
  7. You feel that you and your spouse do not have anything in common to share with each other.
  8. You feel that you have tried so many things to work the relationship and it has been exhausting for you.
  9. You start to imagine what your life would be without our spouse.
  10. You feel that you have lost meaning in your relationship.

Married couples who wish to work on their marriage can benefit from our martial counselling services. Marriage requires nurturing from both parties and it takes one of you to make a move to work things out.

Sometimes, one may feel apprehensive about going for relationship or marital counselling. Does this mean that the relationship has failed? No, definitely not.

“There is absolutely no reason to fear marriage counseling or therapy. You take your car into the shop when a lot of mileage is on the odometer, so why wouldn’t you do the same for your relationship?

Remember that thinking about, discussing, seeking out, or embracing marital therapy does not mean your marriage has failed. Quite the opposite, actually. It’s the best chance you have to create the best relationship you can — or save one in need of help.” – Source

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