In today’s fast-paced society, we are constantly thrown into unpredictable situations that may seem stressful for us to handle at times. And when our glass is full, many of us start wanting to escape from the troubles and problems we currently face. We may also start having suicidal thoughts and eventually we may feel that all hope is lost…

That is not true.

It is not too late to seek support from someone who understands the pain that you are going through and wishes to journey with you along the way. Remember, you don’t have to bear this unbearable pain alone.

Are you currently in a situation which you feel hopeless about? Are you having thoughts such as, “I see no way out” or “I give up. There is no point living on anymore” or “No one will even care if I am gone”? Or do you know someone who may be suicidal?

Here are some possible warning signs that a person may be at risk of suicide:

  • Self-harming and/ or dangerous behaviors
  • Acts of recklessness
  • Signs of depression
  • Changes in attitudes, behavior, appearance and/ or personality
  • Becomes withdrawn or lose interest in activities that he or she may have enjoyed previously
  • Makes plans to put his or her personal business in order, give away belongings, and/ or write a will
  • Some people may write a suicidal note
  • Makes suicidal comments and/ or remarks

Some possible scenarios that may or may not lead to suicide include:

  • Family history of suicide
  • History of trauma and/ or abuse
  • Mental disorders
  • Serious or chronic health conditions
  • Loss of a loved one
  • Divorce, separation, or loss of a relationship
  • Job loss
  • Prolonged stress factors

If you are experiencing any of these, remember that you don’t have to go through the pain alone. Or if you know or suspect someone who might be going through any of these, you may wish to encourage them to seek professional help. In many cases, suicide can be prevented. Spotting the warning signs and early intervention are some ways to prevent suicide from occurring.

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