Here at the Singapore Counselling Centre, we are happy to have helped many individuals and couples who have come to SCC for counselling. Some of them have stepped forward to share their testimonials about their journey with us. We are thankful for these testimonials and hope that their accounts will encourage those who are considering making an appointment at the Singapore Counselling Centre.

Seeking Help in the Midst of a Divorce (Client G)

I want to thank my counsellor for his patience and professionalism during my counselling sessions with him. I was going through a rough time (divorce) and he helped me to recognize and acknowledge what I was experiencing without any judgement. Not only did he walk through the whole season with me, I also learnt important concepts and practical life skills which prevented me from staying in and sliding down further in depression.

Bouncing back from Depression and Axiety (Client A)

I was going through an extremely difficult phase in my life. On a personal note, I had just gone through an awful break up that had left me feeling anxious, guilty, worthless and depressed for months. I had troubles sleeping, troubles functioning in general with thoughts about the relationship constantly entrapping my mind. I could not escape. I was angry, bitter and in pain all the time. I needed a change.

Improved State of Mind and Confidence (Client B)

I reached out to the SCC late in 2017 after struggling through much of the year with relationship and work issues which was taking a large toll on me personally. You could say that when I first arrived I was very much in a confused and broken state and fundamentally not sure how or what I should be doing.

Overcoming Anxiety and PTSD (Client C)

Not wishing to continue life like this and all the more not understanding why I was exhibiting such behaviour, I sought counselling and found SCC. On my first visit, I was in tears as the act of seeking counselling was a huge step for me. My counsellor requested for me to take a series of tests and confirmed that I was of an anxious disposition due to personality and even familial upbringing and I was also exhibiting signs of trauma.

Addressing Addiction (Client J)

This led to my first experience with an escort when I was 20. It was exciting and satisfying. I had an income and could afford it on a semi-regular basis. However, I would always feel slightly guilty about it. Porn and masturbation would make me feel better. It was a vicious cycle, which I also thought was “normal” because I knew that my friends were doing it too. We think that when we get a partner, we will stop this and everything will be okay. We don’t realize that porn can be an addiction like any other. A partner will likely not be able to fulfill our sexual desires fueled by porn.

Dealing with Emotional Stress (Client S)

After going through several bad breakups in various relationships, I decided to seek counselling as I could not deal with the emotional stress.

Overcoming Anxiety and PTSD (Client M)

Throughout these sessions, I became more self aware, and I learned a lot about myself. I’m proud to say that I’m now in recovery after a long journey and I feel lighter now. Even though I know that anxiety and flashbacks will occur in the future, I am better equipped now so I know how to deal with it.

Client C, 2018

I attended two counselling sessions with my counsellor and would like to express my gratitude and appreciation to her. I have previously tried various therapists and so far, she is the first one to make me laugh and feel understood. I wish her continued happiness, good health and success.