Here at the Singapore Counselling Centre, we are happy to have helped many individuals and couples who have come to SCC for counselling. Some of them have stepped forward to share their testimonials about their journey with us. We are thankful for these testimonials and hope that their accounts will encourage those who are considering making an appointment at the Singapore Counselling Centre.

[Testimonial] Overcoming Family Violence and Restoring a Marriage

It was started couples of months ago, when my son’s tempers began to get worse and intolerable to his wife and 2 young daughters. Both his wife and 2 daughters were living in fear whenever his temper occurred at home.  Very fortunately, I was able to contact your Counselling Center on time, otherwise, it can become a police case issue and a worst nightmare to the family.

[Testimonial] Poems

Poems written by a client during her counselling journey with our Professional Counsellor, Joseph Rajagopal.

Self-Harm: What It Is, Coping With It & Supporting Others

While self-harm is a taboo topic in Singapore, it is crucial that we have respectful discussions about self harm. Click to learn more!

Scams: Types, Impact & How to Avoid Them

Being a victim of scams can be very distressing, given the financial, social, and emotional impact it has on us. Click to read more about scams, their impact and how to avoid them!

[Testimonial] Marriage Counselling

It has been a tough journey for us to survive this marriage as it was much an emotional roller coaster ride.  I found Joseph also through the SCC website and read some testimonials which then lead me to try your Counseling service to save my marriage.

[Testimonial] My Counselling Experience

I went into counselling with a terrible outlook on life and myself, it was rock bottom for me at that time. Joseph helped me to process the troubles I was facing and eventually I managed to overcome it with his help. He managed to understand and work through my problems that I encountered in a very systemic way.

[Testimonial] Pre-Marital Counselling Programme

The structure was very clear and Warton helped us dive into our communication patterns which was very insightful. He was very patient and equipped us with tools and guidelines to help us understand each other better and how best to manage conflict in a healthy manner.

[Testimonial] Marriage Counselling

I was really devastated realising the potential of my marriage ending. All seems bleak and I’m in total loss. Through googling, I found SCC. Joseph was assigned to assist. He was dedicated and with a systematic approach he help us learned and discovered what was missing, and guided us in steps to rekindled what was lost.

[Testimonial] Marriage Counselling

The process we went through is fulfilling. I am able to be more clear and assertive towards my relationship and how I should handle talks with my spouse. Joseph has been always encouraging and committed to ensure I understand what I should do and should not do. Grateful for meeting up with Joseph and through his guidance, I am able to understand more on human relationships.

[Testimonial] My Counselling Journey

Over the course of 3 months, meeting him every week and following his programs, I can confidently say that I have benefited enormously from his counsel. Mr Rajagopal is man with a heart, you can feel his sincerity and he shares your troubles. This made it easier to open up, dive into the program, listen, reflect and learn.

[Testimonial] Feeling Comfortable in my own skin

Anxiety is a common feeling amongst many and it is a normal thing to feel anxious, but it is how much it rules your life that will affect the way you think and feel. That is why counselling is here to help people who are in need of managing that anxiety so it does not take over their life.