The Counselling Process

What happens after I book an appointment?

After you book an appointment, our team will send you a WhatsApp confirmation message within 1-2 working days. Few days before your appointment, you will receive an SMS with a confirmation request regarding your appointment made. Once you click to fill in the registration form (for first-time clients) or confirm the session (for repeating clients), your session will be secured.

As it is the pandemic period and we wish to minimize contact between clients and our employees, our team will also be sending online payment details to you via WhatsApp. Should you wish to pay through the counter, it would also be possible but do note that payment will have to be collected before the session commences.

If you are unable to come for the session, do inform us 48 hours before the session. Otherwise, we will take it as last minute cancellation and the last minute cancellation fee of $160.50 will apply. 

What should I prepare before coming for the session?

It is not a must to prepare for your session even though it would be helpful to think through and organize your thoughts on what you want to talk about, so that clear therapeutic goals can be established. You can also bring in notes about things that you want to discuss in the session.

Here are some questions that you may wish to think about before coming to the session:

  • What are the main issues that I am facing right now? 
  • What do I want to discuss with the counsellor today?
  • What do I wish to achieve? 

In order to achieve the most out of your sessions, it is important to:

  1. Be open – this allows counsellors to gain a good understanding of the case and know better on how they can help
  2. Be prepared – knowing what you want to talk about will allow sessions to progress more smoothly and more issues can be worked through together with the counsellor
  3. Be honest – this allows the individual to gain effective and relevant help

What do I need to bring when I come for counselling?

You may wish to bring in notes about some things that you want to discuss in the session and your counsellor will gently guide you through the process.

Other items that you may want to bring along include:

  • Jacket, as the counselling room might be chilly

What happens when you come for your appointment?

If you have yet to fill in your registration form or made online payment for your session, please arrive 10mins before your scheduled appointment time to do so over the counter. Our staff will then inform the counsellor that you have arrived and the counsellor will bring you to the counselling room.

If you are unsure of how to start the conversation, let the counsellor guide you along with their professionalism. Discuss your goals and expectations with your counsellor e.g. how realistic they are, what strategies will be used to obtain them and how will you know you have indeed attained your goals

Counselling is a two-way process. Communicate with your counsellor on important changes in your life and put effort into making recovery a top priority. You may also wish to check with your counsellor on the frequency of sessions that they would recommend you to come for better recovery and progress.

What happens after my counselling session?

  • Book and attend scheduled sessions regularly. Missing sessions interrupts the momentum of therapy and slows your progress.
  • Practice what was discussed with your counsellor during your session. 
  • Take note of any particular incidents that happen which you may wish to discuss with your counsellor on your next appointment.

If you feel that there is no improvement in the problem after 4-6 sessions, or if you have any negative thoughts and feelings about your session, you may wish to have a discussion with your counsellor. This will allow the counsellor to take steps in improving the therapeutic relationship and make sure you get the help you need.