Benefits of Premarital Counselling

This article was part of the contribution made to TODAY for the article “The science and art behind enduring love and a successful marriage,” published on 15 February 2020.

Premarital counselling is highly recommended for couples. It creates a safe and structured space for couples to tackle various topics and issues that will affect their marriage. Some key topics include family of origin (which heavily influences each individual’s attachment and communication styles), finances, personality traits and life goals.

Some couples spend immense time and efforts on their wedding preparations to ensure that they have the perfect wedding. However, are they prepared for what lies beyond that?

Benefits of Premarital Counselling

Some may be view premarital counselling akin to opening a can of worms, forcing both parties to talk about sensitive topics such as finances and parenthood which could spiral out of hand. However, these are issues that the couple will eventually be confronted with during their marriage. Doing so early in the relationship will in fact allow the couple to work through these differences with the help of a professional counsellor before these turn into bigger issues later on in the marriage.

Customized, private premarital counselling sessions would be particularly useful as it enables the counsellor to focus on core issues specific to the couple. For example, an assessment conducted for the couple will enable them to see where their beliefs and values overlap while highlighting differences. The counsellor will then focus the couple on the differences, where the couple will then explore their expectations and make adjustments accordingly.

Such effective premarital counselling thus lays the groundwork for a strong and stable relationship as the couple would have a clearer and deeper understanding about each other as they take their relationship to the next stage.

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