People Pleasing: Knowing Your Limits

Do you find it hard to say “no”? We may unconsciously fall into people-pleasing behaviours despite our good intentions. However, how are we able to tell the difference between an act done out of kindness and an act that is done solely to please others?

Implications of "Quiet Quitting"

The term “quiet quitting” was first popularised on TikTok in July 2022. Subsequently, it received a mix of responses from both employees and employers. But what exactly is quiet quitting? Is this act ideal in countering the dangers of hustle culture?

How to Be an Effective Support

Apart from professional help, research has shown that people are generally more likely to turn to their loved ones and friends as the first line of support. As such, YOU play an important role in the facilitation of wellbeing for the people you love and care for!

[Testimonial] Poems

Poems written by a client during her counselling journey with our Professional Counsellor, Joseph Rajagopal.

Self-Harm: What It Is, Coping With It & Supporting Others

While self-harm is a taboo topic in Singapore, it is crucial that we have respectful discussions about self harm. Click to learn more!

Scams: Types, Impact & How to Avoid Them

Being a victim of scams can be very distressing, given the financial, social, and emotional impact it has on us. Click to read more about scams, their impact and how to avoid them!

[Testimonial] My Counselling Experience

I went into counselling with a terrible outlook on life and myself, it was rock bottom for me at that time. Joseph helped me to process the troubles I was facing and eventually I managed to overcome it with his help. He managed to understand and work through my problems that I encountered in a very systemic way.

[Testimonial] Marriage Counselling

I was really devastated realising the potential of my marriage ending. All seems bleak and I’m in total loss. Through googling, I found SCC. Joseph was assigned to assist. He was dedicated and with a systematic approach he help us learned and discovered what was missing, and guided us in steps to rekindled what was lost.