[Testimonial] Poems

Poems written by a client during her counselling journey with our Professional Counsellor, Joseph Rajagopal.


The path ahead appears daunting

Every step I take is faltering

The vast roads seem endless

Making me feel so powerless

How did I take up this mighty task

A simple, humble way is all I asked

My heart is shrouded by this burden

As my misty eyes blur my vision

I cannot move any more

Ready to give up my dwindling hope

The pain is so excruciating

But do I need to endure the suffering

As the torrential rains pour down on me

I am shaken and woken up from my reverie

As a single ray of sunlight shines through

Breaking the lingering shadows of my sorrow

Can there be a glimmer of hope

For me to chart my own course

A faint horizon is now visible in the distant sky

As my blurry vision passes by

Restoring my lost faith and confidence

I am now ready to take up this challenge.


A crack of thunder shatters the peace

Of a perfectly normal and quiet day

As streaks of lightning fill the sky

And clouds cast a dark shadow on the sun.

Is the radiant past coming to an end

And a dreary future is beginning?

I wonder as the pitter patter of rains

Breaks the monotonous grind

Of yet another blistering hot day.

As a cool mist splashes across my face

And calms my chattering mind

I see the life around me blossoming.

Every leaf, every blade of grass

Is alive in splendid beauty.

My heart is fluttering and dancing

Mesmerised and alive with what I see.

The darkness is finally washed away

Bringing in peace and tranquility.



To unfurl its colourful petals

A tiny flower waits in patience

To fill the air with its fragrance

And blossom in its beautiful transformation.

A dazzling butterfly finally emerges

Ending the agonising wait from gloom

Shattering the walls of its cocoon

To flutter around the flowers in bloom.

I emerge like the flower and butterfly

Breaking myself from the shackles of misery

Embracing the exciting world around me

As I awaken my spirit, I am liberated and finally free.

Here and Now

Here and now the rays of sunlight

Breathe life into a sleepy world

Giving a sense of hope and faith

To a new day and a new beginning.

Here and now a distant thunder rumbles

Beckoning the onset of drops of rain

To quench the thirst of parched lives

Flooding with joy and wiping away any misery.

Here and now I am alive in every breath

In every passing minute and every second

Soaking in the beauty of every moment

I am in the present, right here and now.


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[Testimonial] Poems

Poems written by a client during her counselling journey with our Professional Counsellor, Joseph Rajagopal.

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