Finding a Safe Space and Overcoming Unhelpful Thoughts

I came to SCC hoping to find a safe space to share my thoughts and feelings surrounding the difficulties I was experiencing. Rafeah was able to create that safe space for me where I felt comfortable to open up and trust her. She was able to help me become more aware of my unhelpful ways of thinking. And that awareness was the first step to my healing. I also learnt concrete and practical ways to cope, which I use once I walk out of the counselling room.

The counselling rooms were also bright and spacious. I had to book sessions about three to four weeks in advance due to appointment slots getting filled up quickly. Thankfully Rafeah had weekend sessions which helps office hour workers like me.
– Client P, 2019

Rafeah was able to create that safe space for me where I felt comfortable to open up and trust her. She was able to help me become more aware of my unhelpful ways of thinking.

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[Testimonial] Counselling Experience

I signed up for 3 counselling sessions with SCC as part of my company’s Employee Assistance Programme. Even though I am not currently experiencing major issues or distresses in my professional or personal life, I believe that counselling is a good platform for increasing one’s self-awareness and would highly recommend it for anyone seeking personal development.

[Testimonial] Counselling Experience with Joseph

I've felt comfortable sharing my thoughts with him, and I've improved tremendously since my first session.

[Testimonial] Counselling Experience with Joseph

Joseph clearly explained his approach to counselling and the issues he would like to focus on from the get-go. The transparency and predictability Joseph provided helped to reduce my anxiety level before and during the counselling session. Overall, I have benefited from Joseph's genuineness, compassion, sensitivity and expertise in trauma work.

[Testimonial] Brainspotting & EMDR

I have had positive responses with brainspotting and EMDR as part of my therapy. The first time I tried EMDR was to deal with the episodes of intense anxiety after a breakup. During the session, I could feel the anxiety leaving my body. After the first session, I could feel that my anxiety level has significantly reduced and it was a lot easy to cope.

[Testimonial] Brainspotting and EDMR

During the sessions, she introduced me to EMDR/ Brainspotting Therapies. The exercises got me to assess the emotions and feelings that I have not been able to let out before. As I tap into these deep-seated emotions, I get to address issues in the past that I haven't had the chance to before

[Testimonial] Brainspotting and EMDR

When I first heard about EMDR/Brainspotting, I was quite skeptical since it sounded like some kind of pseudoscience. However, I thought there was no harm in giving it a try, and found it effective.

[Testimonial] Brainspotting and EMDR

I often felt much lighter after the brainspotting and EMDR session, not only due to relishing the unpleasant emotions but more importantly, rewiring the memories. I vividly remember that after one session, the initially grey and gloomy images of a piece of my memory were transformed into colourful and blissful ones. I also managed to remember more joyful details which I initially thought were nonexistent.

[Testimonial] Thank You Note

Thank you to Singapore Counselling Centre for its stellar services. Emily Tan has been nothing short of patient and professional in handling my counselling case.

[Testimonial] Thank you note - Growth

I felt very safe during the sessions and could really open up to him, which really helped in getting to the root causes of and addressing the issues