Thank You Note

For walking into my life when I was lost and in darkness,

For helping me realise that my dreams do matter,

For making me believe in myself again,

For showing me that there is more to life,

For giving me courage to be nothing but myself,

Thank you.

– Client A, 2018

More Testimonials

[Testimonial] Brainspotting and EDMR

During the sessions, she introduced me to EMDR/ Brainspotting Therapies. The exercises got me to assess the emotions and feelings that I have not been able to let out before. As I tap into these deep-seated emotions, I get to address issues in the past that I haven't had the chance to before

[Testimonial] Brainspotting and EMDR

When I first heard about EMDR/Brainspotting, I was quite skeptical since it sounded like some kind of pseudoscience. However, I thought there was no harm in giving it a try, and found it effective.

[Testimonial] Brainspotting and EMDR

I often felt much lighter after the brainspotting and EMDR session, not only due to relishing the unpleasant emotions but more importantly, rewiring the memories. I vividly remember that after one session, the initially grey and gloomy images of a piece of my memory were transformed into colourful and blissful ones. I also managed to remember more joyful details which I initially thought were nonexistent.

[Testimonial] Thank You Note

Thank you to Singapore Counselling Centre for its stellar services. Emily Tan has been nothing short of patient and professional in handling my counselling case.

[Testimonial] Thank you note - Growth

I felt very safe during the sessions and could really open up to him, which really helped in getting to the root causes of and addressing the issues

[Testimonial] Anger Management

Through the 10 weeks spent with him, I learn to be aware, accept and learn techniques to identify and manage my responses to different trigger points. 

[Testimonial] Overcoming Infidelity in Marriage

Being humans, we are never perfect, and we are either too arrogant or ignorant to realise our blind spots. Seeking the help from a marriage counsellor, helped us discover those blind spots and find a way to fix them together as a couple. This episode is probably the most painful and important lesson that me and my husband have learnt in our lives.

Thank You Note

I’ve laughed and cried in those sessions with you. I was angry and hurt and ashamed, but most importantly, I’ve healed. Thank you for helping me cope with the pain and also how to see things differently.

Powering Up to Face Upcoming Challenges

I may not be 100% there yet, but I certainly feel more empowered to navigate and face upcoming challenges knowing that I am well supported. Thank you Joseph for navigating life challenges with me at my darkest hour.