[Testimonial] Overcoming Anxiety and PTSD (Client M)

Throughout these sessions, I became more self aware, and I learned a lot about myself. I’m proud to say that I’m now in recovery after a long journey and I feel lighter now. Even though I know that anxiety and flashbacks will occur in the future, I am better equipped now so I know how to deal with it.

Don’t fall into the trap of competitive parenting

It is natural for parents to want the best for their children, but there is a fine line between that and going out of the way to be competitive. TODAY file photo. Written By: BALVINDER SANDHU, Source: TODAYonline   AVOID ONE-UPMANSHIP BETWEEN PARENTS BY FOCUSSING ON YOUR CHILD It is not uncommon to hear parents […]

11 Very Good Reasons To Go To Therapy

Because there’s nothing wrong with seeking help.       By Lindsay Holmes Your mental health deserves professional care just like your physical health. Therapy is so much more than sitting on a couch. Misconceptions abound about what it means to talk to a mental health professional. The need to talk about your emotions is seen as something […]


Korean-American Scientist Couple Discovers Major New Cause of Autism

A Korean-American couple may have found one of the causes of Autism spectrum disorder (ASD), a condition that has puzzled scientists from all over the world since it was first described in the 1940s. Harvard Medical School faculty member and former assistant professor at UMass Medical School, Jun-ryeol Huh, and his wife, Gloria Choi, an […]


3 Tips For Your First Counselling Session