SCC at Workforce Singapore’s Community of Practice (COP)

The Singapore Counselling Centre is proud to have been part of Workforce Singapore (WSG)‘s Community of Practice (COP) in October 2018. This COP, titled Getting Ready for the Future of Work: Building Wellness into 21st Century Workforce put the focus on the mental wellness of our career practitioners, career coaches and guidance counsellors.

Dr John Lim, President of the Singapore Counselling Centre, was the key speaker for this event and shared more about how to better manage stress and be on your way to a healthy mind, healthy body and a happier you!

Topics that were covered by Dr. John include:

  • The difference between stress and burn-out
  • Identifying signs of burn-out
  • Preventing burn-out
  • Tips to exercise self-care

We are most heartened to see the audience (most of whom are career coaches and guidance counsellors) thoroughly enjoying the talk as they picked up practicable tips on how they can practice self-care.

Thank you for having us at the talk! ☺️

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